10 Tips for Designing an Energy-Efficient Home


Designing your new home is an exciting task; you get to define your home’s style and design rooms based on your needs. Unlike when you buy a used home, you actually get to decide what every single feature looks like. You also get to plan for the future! And what does the future look like? It looks energy-efficient.

Energy-efficient homes are very popular because the design helps you save money and it helps the environment. In addition, an energy-efficient home does not have to suffer from a lack of style or practicality. Designing an energy-efficient home is easy! That is why we have compiled a list of tips to keep in mind when designing your new home.

bathroom skylight

  1. Plan for more closed off living spaces. An open area design is harder to heat/cool.
  2. Install a “cool roof.” The cool roof cools your home by deflecting the sunlight. This way your cooling system won’t have to work as hard. “Cool roofs” reduce energy use by 15% and reduces carbon emissions.
  3. Think of designing a room with a skylight. Aside from the aesthetic reasons, Skylights are a great feature in a home because it cuts down the necessity for more artificial light.
  4. Insulation is important. During the building process, make sure that your home is properly insulated.
  5. Think about your flooring. Carpet traps heat and it’s a wonderful feature during those cold winter nights.
  6. Choose energy-efficient windows and/or glass doors. These windows are made out of a material that blocks air and noise from coming into your house. Your HVAC system should not have to make up for faulty windows.
  7. LED everything! LED is a wonderful way to save money and help the environment. LED lights last three times longer than standard lights AND they use less energy!
  8. The color scheme helps. If your roof or walls are light colored than they will reflect heat. This will make your home more comfortable in the summer.
  9. Landscape the “smart way.” Your landscaping can be strategic, plant trees on the side of your home that faces the sun!
  10. Consider energy-efficient appliances like Energy Star. They are great options for saving energy! For example; their washing machines use 50% less water and 30% less energy.


Making your home energy-efficient is not hard! Fredericksburg Custom Homes can help you design a gorgeous home that is also eco-friendly! Our skilled team can work hand in hand with you in designing a home that first your lifestyle. Give us a call today!