8 Home Design Trends for 2017

home design

Spring is here and we are almost in April. Some days it feels as if we were still in 2016. So just like that, time flies and new trends begin. And as you are designing and decorating your new home, you want to stay aware of the current home design trends. Today we bring you a list of what is currently “hot” in design and style.

Matte Appliances: As you start shopping for appliances for your new home, consider the matte. Skip the glossy or stainless steel appliances and try something new! The matte gives a bold look to your kitchen.

French Doors: These are gaining major popularity in bathrooms. Think about skipping the curtain and installing french doors. Your bathroom would look as if you were lounging in a luxurious hotel in the French Riviera.

marble kitchen

Marble: No surprise here! Marble has been popular for the last few years. Marble is beautiful and luxurious. Consider marble tiling or marble countertops for your kitchen.

Interesting Furniture: This one is on the decor side. The statement pieces in our homes are usually the art on our walls. But now it’s all about furniture as art. Start searching for chairs or tables that make a statement. You want something that pops out!

Black and White Tile: It’s a fact, everything that was once considered “old” always comes back. Adding black and white tiles to your bathroom has been considered retro but this is a good way to coordinate your bathroom with some gold accents.

subway tile

Subway Tile: We are seeing a lot of subway tile on bathrooms and kitchens. This again, it’s nothing new but it seems to be gaining popularity again.   A subway tile gives your kitchen a cozy feeling.

Vanity/Mirrors: A rustic look for the vanity is totally IN! Honestly, this look is timeless. Add wood, white and gold and your bathroom will be Pinterest-worthy. In addition, round vanity mirrors are also trendy. Think of getting one with a gold trim.

Wall-less Showers: This one is definitely about preference. If you want bigger shower space this is the way to go. But it could also be inconvenient for cleaning purposes.

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