Attached vs. Detached Garages

house garage

One of the worst things about summers in Fredericksburg is getting into a hot car. This can usually happen after getting off from work or coming out of a restaurant. But I think we all can agree that the worst time is when you are getting out of the comfort of your AC-filled home and into your scorching car. Thankfully, garages exist, and we can avoid having to get into unbelievably hot cars.

The benefits of a garage include protection from the elements, fewer scratches or dings on your car, less likely to be vandalized and even a lower insurance cost. Not only is the garage a great way to protect your car, but you can also use this space as a work and storage place.

And when the time comes during the home construction process when you have to decide what kind of garage you want, you will be left with two options: attached or detached. While both have its advantages and disadvantages it all comes down to your needs! So take a look at both and decide which one you would like for your new home:

detached garage

Detached Garage:



attached garage

Attached Garage:



Regardless of the garage that you choose, Fredericksburg Custom Homes will help you design a spacious and stylish place to store your cars and other items. Ready to build your new home? Allow us to help you!