How To Pick The Right Lot For Your Custom Home

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You have finally taken the step and decided to build your dream home. You know that you want to build your home in the Fredericksburg or Northern Virginia area. But after that, you do not know what comes next. If you don’t have a lot, then lot selection is one of the first steps towards building your new custom home. There are several factors that you should keep in mind when choosing your lot. From location to orientation, read about what we consider to be the most important factors and why.




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A good tip is to look at the lot on Google Street View or from Google Earth! This will give you a good idea of your lot before walking through it.

Fredericksburg Custom Homes is ready to build the house of your dreams! We can advise you on a lot that can facilitate the home that you always wanted. If you are ready for an exceptional home, give us a call at 540-220-1500.

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