Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder

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Building a home is a huge deal. And if you are a new home owner, who decided to build your first home, then you could have a million questions! But where do you start and what do you ask? Fredericksburg Custom Homes is proud to work hand in hand with our customers in every step of the process. And we love to keep our customers informed, so we decided to put together a little list of 10 questions that you can ask your home builder (of course, we hope that the home builder is us!).

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  1. Are you licensed and insured in the state? You want to make sure that your home builder is licensed and insured in the state that you want your home to be built.
  2. How many years have you been in the business? Like any other service, you want to make sure that your home builder has a great deal of experience. Remember this is your home! You will be living in it.
  3. Do you have a model home I can walk through? Providing an example is a good way to see what the builder is capable of designing. Additionally, it gives an idea of what your home could look like!
  4. What kind of warranty do you offer? Ask what is covered and what is not.
  5. Could you provide me with references of past home buyers? Having references that you can talk to is a good way to decide if this home builder is a good fit for you.
  6. Who chooses the subcontractors? Some companies might already have a team that they work with, others might not.
  7. If a prince change occurs, when will I be notified? 
  8. How often will I get updates? Can I visit the home while is being built? 
  9. What is the overall timeline? How long will my home take to complete? Although weather and additional requests may prolong the process, you should have a defined timeline and an estimated date.
  10. If I decide to work with another builder, what is your cancellation and refund policy? If things happen to go wrong and you want to get out, you want to know the policy well in advance.

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Although there are a ton of more questions you can ask, we hope this list can be your guide. And if you have decided to build your home in Fredericksburg or anywhere else in the Northern Virginia area, give Fredericksburg Custom Homes a call and we will be ready to answer all of your questions!