Open Floor Plans vs Closed Floor Plans

Choosing a floor plan can be overwhelming because you have to take into account things like your lifestyle and the landscape of your lot. But being informed on the floor plan that you choose will make designing your home a lot easier. When looking at the design of your home, people usually choose from open […]

Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Home

On one of our previous blog posts, we talked about the different types of flooring choices a homeowner has: wood, carpet, tile, stone, etc. The majority of time many homeowners choose between wood or carpet or a combination of the two. But choosing between these options is not the only choice you make when it […]

Designing Your Home: Kitchen Countertops 101

Hello! and welcome back to our blog. The current weather in Fredericksburg is rainy and gloomy, but we won’t let it bring us down! So we have decided to write about one of our favorite topics; kitchen countertops. Choosing the right kitchen countertop is one of the most important choices that you make when designing […]