7 Tips For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular remodeling projects(behind bathroom remodels) in the United States. Kitchen remodels are a lot of fun but also a lot of work, and it’s hard to keep track of every single thing. Between the design and the construction, there are a lot of things that you have to […]

Designing Your Home: Kitchen Countertops 101

Hello! and welcome back to our blog. The current weather in Fredericksburg is rainy and gloomy, but we won’t let it bring us down! So we have decided to write about one of our favorite topics; kitchen countertops. Choosing the right kitchen countertop is one of the most important choices that you make when designing […]

Should You Add an Island To Your Kitchen?

Kitchen islands; some people like them, some people hate them, and some people are indifferent to them. Before you even start designing your kitchen, you probably have already imagined the whole room. Depending on your taste, you either think of an open room or a one that leans towards the small and cozy. Placing an […]

8 Home Design Trends for 2017

Spring is here and we are almost in April. Some days it feels as if we were still in 2016. So just like that, time flies and new trends begin. And as you are designing and decorating your new home, you want to stay aware of the current home design trends. Today we bring you a list of what […]