So You Want to Build a Home?

build home

You are finally here! You have been tossing and turning deciding whether or not it’s time to build a home. You have decided that you want to build a home in the Northern Virginia area and landed here, but what’s next? Sometimes we know what we want but we don’t know what that means! In this case, you know you want to build the home of your dreams but what does that take?

·         Location: You must figure out where you want to live! Start looking for neighborhoods that you would like to live in! Maybe one close to the city or your job! If you already have your own lot, even better!

·         Financing: Search for the best financing options! You can talk to your local bank or any other to see what they can offer you. It’s always helpful to know how much you want to spend on your project before any financing is offered.

finance home

·         Layout: Have an idea or decide what kind of layout your home will have. This will also depend on your needs! How big is your family? How many bedrooms do you need? Do you have any special needs request that would require a specific layout? The great thing is that our skilled team can help you design a layout fit for your wants and needs!

·         Style: This is the fun part! What architectural style would you like? What reflects your personality? There are many styles to choose from: Colonial, Modern, Contemporary, Cape Cod, etc. If it’s too hard to choose, our architects are happy to help you find a style.colonial home

Building a home can be overwhelming because there are countless things to figure out, but it’s also very exciting and fun! Fredericksburg Custom Homes will help you fulfill your vision and we will make sure your home is exactly what you want. If you are ready to build your custom home, give us a call!